Four days at Atkinson’s Vos

Let me begin by saying the pre-requesit for working at Atkinson is patience. That is because i asked more questions than humanly possible and they answered with the patience that can only come from time.

The service / inspection took a couple of hours. Like an expecting father the wait for the final report was very stressful. But in the end nothing big was wrong. Lots of small things. Many seals and breaks needed replacing due to the long stand but all in all good news. She will stay in the hospital to fix.

The intercooler and newer radiator will be fitted but we decided updating the jets or adding the overdrive was not yet required. So she will get a new bonnet and front cover. A more modern look.

Simon and Michael ( our mechanic)also came up with brilliant designs to Move the battery box to the driver side and move the exhaust forward. They will then build and add two new 3mm aluminium fuel tanks. One with 240 L and the other with 360L. The 600L total should give us a range of 2000-2400km.

I was finally convinced to stay with the larger tyres and only carry one spare. The extra clearance and road grip is to good to give away. Simon did me a good deal to swop my one 395 that was a different tread for the same and gave me a good discount on a 395 to use as spare.

We decided hydraulic winch it will be and to our surprise discovered that it already had a tank and motor (secret forced additions not recorded….) however we will add this later.

Simon and Frank then made some more plans and with some german standardisation and luck we discovered that the military U1300 flatbed with the 3 point mounting would fit with some minor metal work. Simon will now extend out chassis to allow for a 3200mm bed to be added. This is a real win for us and will save us from building one from scratch.

Lastly painting and rust. Brilliant Silver is our colour! The cab will be sprayed inside and out and the chassis and wheels will be black.

The cab will also get new door panels and sound proofing will be added to the inside and bonnet.


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