Box learnings changes in our designs and reality checks.

Five days reflecting and we have made the following updates to our designs.

We discovered that we were working to the wrong measurements. You can go 60% of the gap between the tyres over the back. Thus we have an extra 10cm’s. We now have 3200mm in length.

We also agreed that the initial design which incorporated a 45 degree angle on the top front was a luxury we spend elsewhere. Thus we now have a square box 3200L *2300W * 2200H(excluding roof tent hatch or solar panels)

Diesel is out. Diesel does not have a good name when it come to ovens and hobs. The idea of just having one fuel source was tempting but the price was to high. Besides they cost an arm and a leg! So we are looking at gas again. And we are looking for storage for the gas bottle. As we will now only be carrying one tyre we could mount a spare bottle on the back so that is covered.

Air conditioning is out. The fuel (diesel or electricity) is to high. We will have aircon in the cabin for when we ride but as we have two boys and the doors will always be open and the roof up, an aircon does not make sense.

A heater is in. What does work is if it is cold and raining to have a small diesel heater.

And so the learning curve continuos. We must always remind ourselves that we are on a journey not just building a vehicle.


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